Getting the lighting right is fundamental to a kitchen or bath that is both an attractive and comfortable environment. Rely on your Floor To Ceiling lighting specialist to assist with creating a lighting plan that will enhance your entire kitchen or bath project.

Home decorating, especially when it concerns kitchen or bathroom remodeling, tends to consist of big questions: What brand of tile is best? What color will look most inviting on my walls? Should I install a larger stove? It’s so easy to overlook the smaller, but no less important questions, such as the issue of light fixtures. At Floor to Ceiling in Winter Garden, Florida, our name gives us away: We want to start with the floor and go all the way to the ceiling, leaving nothing behind and making sure you cover all your bases with the look you really want.

Visit our showroom, open Monday through Saturday, or after-hours by appointment, for your convenience, and have a look at the impressive selection of lighting options. Whether your focus is on green energy, adjustable lighting, decorative touches, or something else, we can help you to choose a finishing touch that will add the kind of ambiance you want in your newly decorated home. And thanks to the flexibility we offer, you can do it all without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Lighting

Floor To Ceiling Orlando offers a wide range of unique kitchen lighting for your Winter Garden Florida home!

Do you enjoy the appearance and functionality of your kitchen, but are looking for a way to add some pizazz? Unique kitchen lighting is a growing trend that will take your kitchen from standard to stunning with minimal expense and time. At Floor to Ceiling, we can show you how adding lighting to your cabinets can give your kitchen a luxury feel. Additionally, we can customize the space by adding kitchen lighting elements as focal points. Stop by our Winter Garden, Florida showroom today to discuss kitchen lighting with one of our on-staff designers. We’d love to serve you today!

Bathroom Lightning

Come stop by our showroom today to see what beautiful bathroom lighting can do for your bathroom in Orlando or Winter Garden, FL.

One or two mishaps of wearing one black and one navy blue shoe, and you recognize the importance of proper bathroom lighting! While small fashion snafus are a minor annoyance of a poorly lit bathroom, it can affect your mood as well. Don’t put up with dim or just plain abysmal lighting any longer! Our lighting experts at Floor to Ceiling can help you design your bathroom lighting so getting ready for your day will be a pleasure, rather than a dreaded chore. We proudly serve Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas. Come stop by our showroom today in Winter Garden, Florida to see what beautiful bathroom lighting can do for your bathroom! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.